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Swordsman | Archer | Blacksmith | Mage | Ninja

Ninja Fighting Techniques:

-Written by Youshoujidai

This guide is for the ninjas that want to take their game to the next level. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to fight all the classes effectively. I will teach you what I've learned in my first 16 levels of closed beta. Additions to this guide in the future will include what I continue to learn, so stay tuned for those updates. If you don't read this guide, expect that you will come up with these same results after your own extensive testing. For the sake of time and success with your first character, sit back and read for 2 minutes and let the guide help you greatly.

Ninjas strengths are in grips and golem games. If you aren't gripping and you're not in a golem game, you aren't playing a ninja like a ninja. Hell, I even grip IN golem games, even though I'm better at killing the golem. It's simply easier to grip in golem games when people use high-delay attacks. Keeping an eye out for those high-delay attacks is key to ninja success.

Character vs. Character


Swordsmen are very annoying to fight. My best advice for countering a swordman is to jump around like crazy and watch for an opportunity. See: Backstab List. Swordsmen are notorious for charging so never run straight towards or away from one or you'll be thoroughly pwned.


Archers are easy to beat. The key to beating archers is movement. Even if they're focused on you, it's really easy to dodge arrows. All you have to do is jump and strafe around and watching for obstacles while trying to get closer to them. When they are focused on you, just stay right on their ass and the second they pull back an arrow, front grab them. A back grab is impossible when they're watching you.

What I recommend is jumping and strafing in a sporadic fashion so they can't hit you with arrows. If they pull out their sword it's that much easier. Wait for them to either swing twice, charge combo, or spinning kick combo and then grab them. Always try for the grab: it's not that hard and they really can't kill you without at least giving you a small opportunity to grab. Keep in mind that you will be able to grab at smaller and smaller opportunities as you get better.


Blacksmiths are annoying but really not that difficult to beat. Treat blacksmiths like the other classes: jump around like crazy, wait for them to swing, and grab them. If you miss, jam the jump button to get out of there before they can manage to hit you.


Easy. Again, treat mages like the others: jump around like crazy, wait for them to use a skill, and grab. Mages have enough delay that even beginners should be able to dodge, get in position, and grab before they recover... so try for the grab.

ALWAYS watch for bombs. If you see one, get the hell away from them. Generally, there are mages who throw bombs at golems' feet, so be careful when you go golem hunting. These mages who toss bombs at golems' feet are really easy to grip because they just stand there and toss, ignoring anything else because the fighting is going on elsewhere. Try to get behind them and grip.

Homing missile mages are easy. You are faster than mages, but they can still be really annoying if you don't pay attention. I've never been hit with a homing missile... you'll learn yourself when to jump. As common practice, when a homing missile is coming right at you, about 1/2 second before it hits you, jump while running straight at it. It'll fly in the air and blow up every time, leaving the shooting mage wide open while you charge. Hopefully you're close enough that you can get a combo or a grip off but if not, just chase him. WATCH VERY CAREFULLY because if I was the mage, I'd turn around and nail you with a projection. I recommend strafing slightly while chasing just to give that blurry effect where they won't get any ideas to turn around and shoot incase they miss. Generally, when a mage is running from you, your only choice is to 1 combo them constantly until they stop running or try to execute a move. If there are other targets around while you're chasing him, try to get them. But be warned - the mage will notice when you've stopped and he'll nail you. I've sometimes used shuriken on these running mages. Just using the left click shuriken has actually really helped at times and I've even got several kills from them. However, try to stick to melee and grips if you can. Shuriken leave you open to grabs and other long range attacks by other players.


Ninjas are difficult to fight 1v1. There really is no strategy to defeating a ninja: it just comes down to who's better at dodging, aiming, and counterattacking. Generally, I like to hop around until they attack using more than a one move combo, then grab. (consult my backstab list again). It basically comes down to how experienced you are at melee fighting and grabbing. Read some of my general tips later for defeating a ninja.

General Tips for DM and TDM:

Surprise is your best friend. Learn the maps and try to travel the using least busy areas and try to get behind the enemy team. Grab, grab, and grab. Grabbing not only does an insane amounts of damage, but it also looks cool and gives you a sense of accomplishment and reputation. Use my above character vs character tips if you get in any situations where the enemy is aware of your presence.

General Fighting Tips and Obstacles:

Although I recommend trying to go for the grab, if you aren't very skilled at it yet, the enemy is better than you, or constantly uses single combos, try this technique: act like you're running away, run around the first corner where the enemy will be following the wall closely. Doorways, hallways, or other small areas are best. Quick turn your camera to look third person down that hall. Don't stand too close to the edge so that they don't see you. When they get close, pop out and start a combo... it gets them every time. I have not been countered yet while jumping out and starting a combo on an enemy pursuing me. If there is more than one person following you, hit W-W-Left Mouse to do a slide, hopefully hitting all of your enemies, giving you an oppurtunity to run away. You can also toss your enemies (kind of sad how everyone falls for this) by running around a corner, comboing them, running around another corner, doing the same thing, then running back to the first corner. It works very well, even if the enemy knows you're going to come out. There's nothing they can do except block or jump. Do all 4 to flip back if they block, but stop the combo if they jump. Mages can throw a bomb but you can rush out and start a combo before they recover from that.

General Tips: Golem Wars

This is by far the best way to get exp and gold as a ninja. Basically run at the golem as fast as possible, get really close, and do the long-range right click shuriken throw. If your aim is good, you should take about 1/3 of it's hp in one hit. Watch your enemies as some people (including me sometimes hehe) think golem wars is about PVP and they'll try to hit you while you nail the golem. Just dodge them. Your focus is exp and gold which you get from defeating the enemy golem; however, it is very easy to take out most of the enemy team by gripping while they go after the golem because they all use high delay attacks on the golem. After you get the golem sword (hopefully you get it and not some other class unless they are in chaos), just go and kill their golem. Half of the time (or more), you can get the golem sword, go the least busy way to the enemy golem, and kill the golem before the enemy even reaches you.

Additional Tips

To get anywhere faster than normal, unless you have maxed movement speed (see my attribute guide), W W Right-click is a very effective way of getting around fast. With practice, you can scoot around nonstop almost twice as fast as other classes. Start the combo again right after you right click, making the following combo: W-W-R-C-W-W-R-C-W-W-R-C.

When an enemy is gripping another enemy (DM) or gripping a fellow teammate (TDM/Golem), run up to them and hold right click until just before their immunity runs out, and let go, hitting them with all 3 of your special move. This does a LOT of damage and is the only thing you can do to a gripper. This works both ways, so be prepared to get hit by specials a lot as a ninja. Just try to move and jump right after you finish gripping.

This concludes my little guide, hopefully all of you will become better as ninjas. Maybe you non-ninjas might put up a better fight if you read this. Good luck, and don't forget to check my other guides.

PS. Include any of your strategies and I'll consider adding them with credit to my guide.

-Youshoujidai, ninja

Comments or questions? Visit the forum thread to include your input.

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